Punk Sergeant: Drunk again in San Diego

Friday, February 16, 2007

Drunk again in San Diego

I can't believe that I got a DUI when I was out in San Diego last weekend. I just got of jail, my bail was $20,000. This is my second DUI, can you believe that? My second DUI in San Diego! I'm going to need a lawyer really bad! I need a lawyer that can be me out of a DUI in San Diego.

That is the last time I go out with partying with Ron Burgundy and Brian Fantana?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

San Diego is the DUI capital of California. I went down to San Diego to get drunk one last time with my transvestite sister who is dying of mesothelioma from all the asbestos she inhaled while working in the roofing factory. I got drunk and low and behold, I got another DUI. Between the Lawyer Bills, the elementary school loan consolidation process coupled with the credit card debit I am going to have to declare bankruptcy. It is a good thing I'm thinking about getting a no interest mortgage. Needless to say, my auto insurance quotes have skyrocketed. I talked to my tranny sister and she suggested that I get a consolidation loan from DiTech or consider a Citibank student loan consolidation. Once I find a San Diego DUI Attorney I'll need to set up my teleconference services. If things go badly I might have to sell my structured settlement and partial cash settlement that I received when I was hit by the UPS truck as a child. Thank god my tranny sister has all that money from her botched Lasik procedure she had done in New York.

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