Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Recently far too much attention has been paid to the two ABC journalist (Woodruff & Vogt) who were victims of the IED attack en route to Taji, Iraq. This unfortunately is a terrible sad situation.

The two journalists were riding in with members of an Iraqi Army division, instead of with the 4th infantry division. (Who was escorting them.) As we all know, their vehicle came under attack by an IED. Why were the two journalists the only ones injured in the attack? Why were there no other injuries, wounded, or casualties in the attack? The answer is a rather simple.

The two journalists were not wearing their helmets. Did the shrapnel only attack their heads? Any Kevlar helmet issued to reporters or privately purchased would easily stop a majority of the effects caused by the explosion. The helmet would also prevent injuries to their head as the blast slammed their head against the door or the front seat. The reality is that the journalist where not wearing their helmets. They were wearing their protective flack vests, but it is all too easy for an undisciplined reporter to take off their helmet on long convoys.

As we have seen in the past week, nothing but adulation for the journalist. They have been placed on type of pedestal as if they are serving a greater purpose. I hate to bring them off their high horse, but if they were wearing the proper safety gear, this wouldn’t be an issue. There are 130,000 military service members that are doing nothing more than fighting for there life everyday. Some of these service members believe they are bring the democracy to the people of Iraqi. This is what the media needs to focus on the daily sacrifices of the US military.

Instead, the media is all swooning over themselves about the countless sacrifices they make to in “reporting” the concept of the “truth”. Has the news media become so self serving; they believe a journalist occupation is more important than that of the mission of the military. Try reporting some actual news, instead reporting this self serving news. If the news media / journalist is so concerned about the truth, then try report it in the first place. (i.e. they weren’t wearing their helmets)

Coliation for military service members in support of the truth.


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you got that shit right. good job and keep up the good work and thank you.

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